Hera Hub is a female-focused (and gender inclusive) international coworking space, community, and business accelerator that continues to stand out as a leader in innovation. In December 2020, Hera Hub opened up its very first Virtual Membership option to expand its robust online offerings to individuals nationwide, regardless of their geographic location.

Hera Hub’s Virtual Membership is a Great Match for You If:

  • You are seeking a community of high-performing and collaborative entrepreneurs, executives and creatives.
  • You desire quality learning opportunities and resources to help you develop your business and leadership skills.
  • You’re interested in receiving and/or providing mentorship.
  • You could use some accountability and an opportunity to develop new professional partnerships and fulfilling friendships.

Virtual Membership is $89/month and Includes:

  • BUSINESS BOOSTERS – Business Boosters are a one-hour weekly discussion facilitated by a fellow Hera Hub member on a business topic in the area of their expertise. Business Boosters are one of the best ways for members to learn entrepreneurial and self-growth tools and stay “up-to-date” on important business topics. 
  • FEEDBACK FRIDAYSFeedback Fridays gives members the opportunity to receive constructive feedback on their digital footprints from experts within our global community. Every week, a different featured member-expert screen-shares each participant’s materials and provides real-time feedback on what the participant can do to improve. 
  • MINDFUL MONDAYS – Every Monday, we tap our member base for coaches, instructors, and counselors to lead a 20-minute mindfulness exercise to center ourselves and mentally prepare for the coming week.
  • VIRTUAL COWORKING – Each day members are invited to sign on, say hello, set forth their goals, and work in 25-min “Pomodoro” intervals to be productive and briefly check in with each other. 
  • 1:1 GURU MEETINGS – Hera Hub GURUs are subject matter experts who donate their time to meet one-on-one with both members and non-members to answer questions they may have on a variety of topics related to their field. We have GURUS in a variety of fields, including  Marketing, Branding, Finance, Taxes, Law, Human Resources, Grant Funding and more.
  • Opportunities for business exposure, including features on the Hera Herald – via guest post, video, or podcast
  • Member discount when renting private space at your home location

If you’re interested in learning more about all of the benefits that Hera Hub offers, then complete our interest form here.

While we don’t know how long the pandemic will last, we do know that your success is our top priority and we will continue to offer business, legal, and mindset tools to help you realize and fulfill your potential. If you have any questions about Hera Hub’s many membership options, contact our Director Tamina Madsen at tamina@herahub.com.