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10 07, 2020

From Mental Health to Financials Fluency, Rachel Steidl Wants to Help Women Thrive

Rachel Steidl is the Owner of My Financial Fluency which is a personal finance coaching, counseling, and education business. She worked in the mental health field for eight years before she pursued her personal [...]

19 06, 2020

Shawnnah Monterrey is Pioneering New Life Science Diagnostics and Devices

Shawnnah Monterrey is the CEO and founder of BeanStock Ventures with 20+ years’ experience in medical and life science software product development. Prior to founding BeanStock Ventures, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in computer [...]

14 05, 2020

Gina Downey Turned her Daughter’s Passion for Dance into a Thriving Online Education Business

Gina has been selling online courses since 2016 and is a marketing and sales funnel expert. Within a few months of launching her first course she left her day job to focus full [...]

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