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14 05, 2020

Gina Downey Turned her Daughter’s Passion for Dance into a Thriving Online Education Business

Gina has been selling online courses since 2016 and is a marketing and sales funnel expert. Within a few months of launching her first course she left her day job to focus full [...]

4 05, 2020

It’s all in the Analytics – Melissa Kovacs’ Work Supports Public Policy Decisions

Melissa Kovacs is a statistician with a Ph.D. in public policy and econometrics and is the founder of FirstEval, LLC, a data analytics and statistical consulting firm. Melissa has provided statistical expertise in the [...]

27 04, 2020

From the Attorney General to Amazon, Brin Frazier, Talks Strategic Communications

Brin Frazier is an adjunct instructor at American University’s School of Communication. She is also a visiting researcher at Georgetown University and currently working on a book project about a small group of women [...]

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