Hera Hub has a strong and long-standing commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to promoting a positive culture which celebrates difference, challenges prejudice and ensures fairness.

All members, ambassadors, and guests are expected to be treated respectfully and with dignity regardless of age, disability, race, color, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, sexual expression, and gender identity. Everyone is valued for their skills, abilities, and diverse experience.  

Hera Hub is devoted to building and maintaining a culture of inclusiveness in dealing internally with our members and staff, and externally with our guests.  We strive to be courteous in our communications, and are respectful of the feelings of others.

Any member, ambassador, staff, or guest who feels that this policy has been violated can report the issue to info@herahub.com.  An attempt will be made to solve the issue directly with the offending party. If that is not successful, action will be taken pursuant to the direction of the Hera Hub Operations Manual.