With a bachelor’s degree in public health and a previous career as a financial advisor, Catalina brings an educational focus to the world of lending. Her goal is to empower people through homeownership, firmly believing that knowledge is power. She helps first time homebuyers navigate the intimidating process of securing a home loan, and also helps seasoned borrowers complement their real estate portfolio.

Questions you may want to ask Catalina include:

  • What kind of income do I need to show as an entrepreneur in order to qualify for a loan?
  • Given my estimated income & debts, what home price could I afford?
  • Based on my credit score, what kind of loan programs could I qualify for?
  • If I want to buy in a year, what should I be doing now to get ready?
  • What does it mean to have a co-signer?
  • How can I use the equity in my current home?
  • What down payment assistance is available for first-time homebuyers?

Catalina started in the mortgage industry in 2020 as a loan processor. She worked closely with underwriters and learned the intricacies and common pitfalls of securing a home loan. After working behind the scenes for over a year, she decided to move to a client-facing position and assist loan officers in their business. As a partner loan officer, Catalina helped close nearly $30 million within 1 year, ranging from down payment assistance and credit repair loans to jumbo investor loans.

Catalina transitioned to running her own business and has built a strong referral network to support homebuyers and homeowners in WA, AZ, and CA. She has experience working both as a retail and direct lender, and currently works for a mortgage broker. With access to over 150 different lenders, Catalina empowers her clients with options and education.

Learn more about Catalina or connect with her during her GURU Hours, in-person every 2nd and 4th Wednesday at Hera Hub Carlsbad from 12-2pm.

You may also use this optional scheduling link to book a virtual appointment with Catalina.

Email: catalina.traylor@gmail.com
Website: lendingwithcatalina.com