“I was really struggling this morning to get motivated. So glad for the virtual coworking session today to get me started,” said one of our members a few weeks ago.

She had a big client project she was working on but needed focused time to finalize the first draft. At the end of the two hours, she had finished that project and started on the next important project for her business.

So how do you leverage a virtual community to help you grow your business?

Since we took our collaborative community and programming online earlier this year, the global Hera Hub team has learned so much about building value in an online community.

For example, by joining our virtual community, our members have been able to build business relationships with fellow members across the country. They have learned from each other, and worked together to build and grow their businesses and by providing critical feedback, perspective and accountability to each other in a supportive community.

If you decide you are ready to join our virtual community to support the launch and growth of your business in 2021, here are three tips that will help you maximize your investment:

1. Set goals for yourself – Be honest and set clear objectives that you want to achieve for your business from the membership. Are you looking for strategic and referral partners? Do you need the programming and skill building sessions? Do you want to network to build your client base? Do you want feedback and support for a new product line? Setting goals will make it easier for you to decide if a membership is right for you in the first place and will also help you evaluate the value of your membership down the road. Click here to download a one-page form to help you with goal setting.

2. Jump right in and learn the landscape – Once you join the community, understand that it will take some time and effort to get to know one another and see results. One program we offer to support our new members is our free 90 Member Success Plan. It includes an orientation and three 30-day accountability sessions with our Community Director, to ensure that you get connected to the events and fellow members that can help and support you. You also want to make sure to read the member emails, check out the member directory and learn about ways to optimize your membership by getting more visibility for your business too!

3. Participate regularly in events – Review the calendar of events regularly and select ones that are appropriate for you, add them to your calendar, and ATTEND! For example, our member hosted Business Boosters and Feedback Fridays are recorded and available as a resource in our member portal, but attending the event is a great way to get to know fellow members. You can learn more about our member programs here.

Joining a virtual community is not only a financial investment, but also an investment of your time. Be intentional about your participation and keep your eyes on the initial goals you set for yourself.

Here is what one Hera Hub member had to say recently about her membership:

“I can definitely confirm that the national networking with Hera Hub members has been an amazing unforeseen benefit of this otherwise very challenging year. I have been able to stay on track with growing my business and I can always find someone in the Hera network who is specialized in the particular type of help I need at any given stage. Thank you, Hera Hub!”

– Julie Yoder, English With Purpose

To learn more about our Virtual Membership, click here.