The Sweet Kindred specializes in visual branding through social media and events. Co-Founders Kacie Bluhm and Lisa Callaghan offer over 20 years combined experience in brand and social media strategy, strategic event planning, and relationship development. With a diverse background of clients ranging from small startups, to nonprofits, to multi-billion dollar corporations, The Sweet Kindred helps craft consistent visual messaging across a number of platforms and mediums, showcasing your company’s mission and values.

About Lisa: “I specialize in brand strategy, digital marketing, social media strategies and content production. Over the last 8 years I’ve helped companies build brand awareness and develop a loyal audience through visual storytelling and brand consistency. I create the strategy, ideation and development of social media and digital strategies that align with the company’s goals to engage the target audience and expand reach. I help companies stay on brand through the company’s voice and brand positioning, aesthetic across website, social media handles, and marketing collateral to create a consistent unified tone to tell a story and leave a lasting first impression.”

About Kacie: “For the last 13 years, I have worked as a strategic event planner, crafting thousands of events to move business’ and nonprofits’ goals forward. This includes building launch event programming, developing marketing and communication plans, creating multi-year comprehensive strategic community outreach plans, and consulting with nonprofits on annual events to re-engage donors. My events are audience-driven, strategic, and crafted with experience, engagement, and outcome in mind. I help businesses grow by connecting them to their customers in a meaningful, memorable way.”

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– How can I market my events?

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