Are you making this common entrepreneurial mistake?

Cyndi Darlington, owner of Darlington Marketing, has experienced tremendous growth in her marketing firm over the past 6 months. We sat down with Cyndi to get the inside scoop on what it really takes to grow your business. She shared her secret to success and also the one big mistake she sees female entrepreneurs make that keep them from thriving in business.

Watch this short video to discover Cyndi’s secret sauce and the one mistake she sees entrepreneurs make that keeps them from thriving in business.

Cyndi, Hera Hub Carlsbad member, founded Darlington Marketing in 2010 to help both restaurant and hospitality industry companies develop marketing foundations for future growth. Her company specializes in restaurant marketing, with particular expertise in guiding companies through the process of rebranding or franchising. In addition to providing strategic plans for these companies, Cyndi and her team act as an “in-house” Marketing Department to ensure implementation and measurement of these programs.