Sub-Hubs are global, member-led, affinity groups, which meet regularly to share resources and support one another. Some Sub-Hubs are industry-specific, others have risen from common interests or goals, while others are based on the phase of business shared by the members. Each Sub-Hub has a private Facebook group for the sharing of resources, discussion, and events. The members of each group decide upon the format and structure of the virtual meetings. New members are always welcome, as are suggestions for new Sub-Hubs.  Email with questions or to be added to any of the groups.

Coaches Sub-Hub

For members who consider themselves “coaches” and/or work with individuals in a coaching, guidance, leadership, or consulting capacity. Common challenges exist regardless of the type of coach, including client acquisition, intake, and management; marketing; bookkeeping; revenue streams; business development, and more. Monthly meetings take place in a roundtable mastermind format.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday, 10-11am PT. (Facilitated by Lisane Basquiat, Hera Hub Carlsbad)

Sales Support Sub-Hub

For members who are seeking support and accountability in bringing in business, making sales and closing deals. Biweekly meetings take place in a hybrid mastermind/accountability roundtable discussion.

Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mondays, 10-11am PT. (Facilitated by Tamina Madsen, Hera Hub Carlsbad and Alisha Wilkins, Hera Hub Temecula)

Marketing Sub-Hub

Supporting members in marketing-related fields as well as those who are focused on marketing their own businesses. Meetings are twice a month. The first meeting monthly is a Focused Marketing Discussion, which members will take turns leading on various marketing-related topics. During this roundtable discussion, members are encouraged to provide tips, ask questions, or share ideas related to the week’s theme. The second meeting monthly is a Marketing Power Hour in which we will actually be doing marketing work, implementing the lessons learned 2 weeks prior, and doing an accountability check-in.

Meetings: 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 10-11am PT. (Facilitated by Felena Hanson, Hera Hub Mission Valley)

From Solo[preneur] to Scaled Sub-Hub

For members who have made (or are making) the transition from solopreneur to team leader for their businesses. Being a team leader whose goal it is to work ON rather than IN the business comes with an entirely new set of challenges and required skills. This Sub-Hub is also open to members who are actively striving to scale their business and begin hiring contractors or employees. Members meet monthly to share ideas, support, and educate each other on the path to becoming true CEOs of their businesses through member-hosted presentations and discussions.

Meetings: 2nd Thursday, 11am-12pm PT. (Facilitated by Tamina Madsen, Hera Hub Carlsbad)

Co-Conspirators Sub-Hub

For members who want to learn from, discuss with, and support each other in the pursuit of being actively anti-racist. Members meet twice monthly to share information on pre-selected topics and engage in targeted activities such as phone banking, letter writing, and more.

Meetings: Every other Thursday, 4pm PT. (Facilitated by Andrea Carayiannas, Hera Hub Sorrento Valley)

Corporate Consulting Sub-Hub

For members who are consultants selling into larger companies, organizations, or nonprofits. Members share resources around team building, finding new contract opportunities, the RFP process, how to price services, and much, much more.

Meetings: 1st Tuesday, 9-10am PT & 3rd Tuesday, 12-1pm PT. (Facilitated by Julia Westfall, Hera Hub DC)

Professional Writers, Editors, and Publishers Sub-hub

For members who are professional writers in all fields as well as members who are writing a book and/or want to talk about writing for their businesses. Meetings are once a month, and vary between open discussions about writing progress, guest presentations from members, and “hot seats” where one member presents a problem or question related to writing in her business and other members ask follow-up questions and offer solutions. Welcome to any member who is looking for a supportive community of writers, is interested in learning how others make money from her writing, or wants to ask writing questions.

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday, 1-2pm PT. (Facilitated by Dr. Alisha Wilkins, Hera Hub Temecula)

“Know Your Numbers” Sub-Hub

For members in bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning / preparation, and financial planning. The goal is to share best practices, resources, and support each other in spreading financial savvy to others.

Meetings: TBA – Kicking off April 2021. (Facilitated by Julia Westfall, Hera Hub DC)