Korin Chapman is the featured artist at our Wildly Feminine: Layers of Inspiration art show. Her jaw-dropping ocean resin pieces consistently sell out at galleries throughout San Diego, so we are incredibly fortunate to have some of her artwork adorning the main wall of our coworking and event space!

Korin is an artist who seeks to find herself surrounded by nature. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Korin creates her work at her home and studio in Bird Rock, La Jolla.  Taking inspiration from the coastline in her own backyard, Korin aims to recreate the awe striking views of the different seascapes that she both finds herself in and hopes to visit and experience for herself.

Korin’s process starts with a foundation of land, recreating the various rocks, cliffs and seafloor from the base of her panel.  Doing so through shaping and hand carving her mixed media materials over the span of weeks to months.  At which point, the land components are then ready for her to paint and add any further texture to reach the desired result.

Now ready to add the water components of her piece, Korin pours many layers of resin.  A rising tide to meet and fuse both elements of her work. The resin completes each of her one of a kind slices of earth, resulting in the depth and photo realistic aspects of these aerial perspective pieces.

Korin views her work as an ever evolving and exploratory journey through the experimentation of process.  In each piece she is attempting to create the right combination of both feeling and realism taking what she loves most, the natural world, and allowing it to live and exist wherever hung.

One must see Korin’s work artwork to truly appreciate it! If you’d like to make an appointment to view any of the pieces hanging at Hera Hub Carlsbad, please reach out to our Art Curator at Tamina@herahub.com. All Korin Chapman pieces are currently 20% off.

Website: www.KorinFineArt.com

Instagram: instagram.com/korinfineart_/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Korinfineart/