660,000 have hearing loss in San Diego County. Having a business that’s Hearing Friendly ensures you serve this ever growing population.

Teresa Barnes, founder of Hear Communication, fills us in on why businesses need to adapt and tune in to those with hearing loss.

Hera Hub Carlsbad took the leap and received our Hearing Friendly certification to support members in our community who are experiencing hearing loss and educates people on preventing hearing loss.

Watch this short interview with Teresa Barnes and Lisane Basquiat, the owner of Hera Hub Carlsbad.

Hera Hub Carlsbad member, Teresa “TJ” Barnes is a Board Certified RN who is passionate about helping businesses CONNECT with the Hard-of-Hearing. As a former Emergency Department Manager, she has experienced the hearing loss nuances both professional and personal. Dealing with this disability she has always adapted until a life-threatening ski accident for not hearing a warning from behind. This lead to research; federally registering the Hearing Friendly Decal for access, safety, visibility, & removing the stigma associated with hearing loss; developed the Hearing Friendly Business Certification Program; authoring Sound Advice: Tune Into Listening; an HR.com contributor; and recipient of Far West Skiers Safety Award; Scripps Memorial La Jolla Diversity Award; and Proclamations from the Cities of San Diego, Carlsbad and San Marcos for May is Better Hearing and Speech Month.

Learn more about Hear Communication and getting certified as a Hearing Friendly Business today.