As a Benefits Corp, Hera Hub takes pride in supporting both local and international non-profits. Our mission is to support 20,000 women in the launch of their business by 2020 and we are also passionate about supporting our community and helping non-profits expand their mission and reach so that we may all rise no matter where we live or work.

One of the ways we support non-profits is through Hera Hearts, an annual event where we invite two non-profit organizations to come in and share their challenges with our members. We listen closely as they present their mission, their values and what they would ultimately like to achieve through their work. We then provide ideas and solutions that will support them in growing their reach and their mission. Oftentimes, our members become temporary volunteers to help them implement the strategies we propose.

Hopestart International, a 501c3 non-profit, joined us at one of our Hera Hearts events at the end of 2017.  At that time, Hopestart was a small 3 person team of volunteers (including the founder and co-founder) with one mighty mission. The founder, Fredrick Clerie is determined to end the cycle of childhood poverty, hunger, abuse and neglect in Haiti. Since attending Hera Hearts, Hopestart now has an active and engaged board of members who share in this mission and they have made significant strides in several key initiatives, including providing housing for families who lost their homes during the devastating hurricane, feeding and housing for over 35 Haitian children, feeding over 800 school age children 5 times per week, and providing clean drinking water to several villages.

We recently invited Jennifer Law, co-founder of Hopestart International, to join us for an afternoon to update us on the significant strides they’ve made since attending Hera Hearts. We were blown away by all they’ve been able to accomplish in just a short period of time. Watch this video interview to see the power we have to change the lives of people around the world when we come together to join efforts.

If you’d like to learn more about Hopestart International or to learn ways to support their mission, visit their website today.

Are you a non-profit who would like to attend our next Hera Hearts event? Contact us today and share more about your mission.