Hera Hub Carlsbad celebrates Black History Month by recognizing our members who are making Black History today. These hard-working and motivated female entrepreneurs are leaders in their fields. They are breaking boundaries both within their families and in the greater context of our society. Take a moment to learn about their inspirational journeys – and please support black-owned businesses.

Yvonne Whitelaw, MD, MPH

Founder, Thriving Ideals

Helper of Helpers ~ British-born, raised in Nigeria and the United States, Yvonne Ator, MD, MPH was the quintessential idealist who wanted to change the world through medical mission. However, she found herself overwhelmed and at a crossroads as a new mother, having to choose between her mental health and burnout in the medical profession she had sacrificed everything for. As the Founder of Thriving Ideals, Yvonne now empowers “helping professionals” to step back from the tunnel of overwhelm and burnout, rediscover their values and strengths with a new lens, and make more aligned and empowered decisions.

Yvonne is a certified Personal and Executive Coach in positive psychology, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Certified Dare to Lead Facilitator, and a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach. As “helper of the helpers,” she is passionate about serving those who serve, and using writing, music, speaking, coaching and facilitation to inspire a global tribe of Thriving Idealists to “live your ideals, thrive in your calling and change the world.”

Yvonne was the first in her family to become a physician, and is also the first black female to advocate against the abuse and exploitation of the medical community. Learn more about her at YvonneAtor.com and ThrivingIdealist.com.


Founder, Success Agility

Breaking Barriers Since Birth ~ Louria Lindauer is an Executive Agile Transformation Coach, Agile Facilitator, Corporate Trainer, and Mentor. As the Founder of Success Agility, Louria uses Agile principles to increase productivity and innovation, leading organizations and teams to sustainable change by embracing business agility, streamlining processes, and increasing overall business value. Louria has had many “firsts” in her career. She is the first African American woman to create and lead multiple internship programs for POC (people of color). She constantly strives to create critical positions for POC, particularly women, within the organizations she works with; her goal being to elevate and celebrate their often ignored voices.

In fact, Louria has been breaking barriers since birth! She was born in 23 minutes with 4 teeth! Other “firsts” for Louria:

  • First female on the all-boys baseball team at her elementary school.
  • First African America female selected to represent the University of Michigan-Dearborn as its top IT Field Career Placement representative in the graduating Seniors for Chrysler Corporation recruiting program.
  • First African American woman to create an independent volleyball after-school program for Detroit middle-school-age girls, creating a safe space for sports, mentorship and a sense of belonging.
  • First African American woman to be a Co-Active Leader.

Keasha Lee Ince

Founder, Striking Statements

Messaging Mentor & Creative Leader ~ Keasha Lee Ince is a messaging mentor, copywriter, and the Founder of Striking Statements. Her mission is to help brilliant, service-based and socially conscious entrepreneurs and creatives make a bigger and more genuine impact through copy that’s aligned with their current brand values and vision. Through a practical process that evokes powerful results, she empowers her clients to identify what they stand for, who they serve and how. This is achieved through equal parts messaging mentorship and copywriting that exudes truth, clarity, and connection.

Keasha is the first in her family to graduate from a university within a four-year time frame. She is also the first within her family to intentionally live a creatively expressed life. As an entrepreneur, actress and leader, she has found it a blessing to be able to be who she wants to be, and create a life that is fulfilling and purposeful. Keasha is inspired by her grandmother and her mother, who showed her what strength, determination and resilience look like. Their legacies have become part of her own, and she carries those legacies with her in her daily life. Learn more about Keasha at StrikingStatements.com.

Elaine Swann

Founder, Swann School of Protocol

The Etiquette Lady ~ Elaine Swann is America’s Leading Lifestyle and Etiquette Expert. She started out as a one person consultant and then scaled her business by creating a certification and licensing program. Earning her place as a respected authority figure in etiquette through her self-driven research, lifestyle, and etiquette expert, Elaine is touted as today’s hip, savvy etiquette adviser.

Nick-named “The Etiquette Lady,” Elaine shares up-to-the-minute tools and practical tips on various radio programs, as well as the TODAY SHOW, Dr. Oz, CNN, Access Hollywood, TruTV, and more. A recent New York Times article described her as one of the “Emily Posts of the Digital Age”. As the go-to leader in everything etiquette, her advice has appeared in publications such as the Modern Bride Magazine, Kiplinger’s Magazine, and several newspapers across the US.

Elaine is now become the first black woman to own an etiquette franchise. She currently has 20 Swann Schools across the nation, with one in Lagos, Nigeria and is excited for her company’s continued growth. Learn more at SwannSchoolofProtocol.com.