Get Started

  1. Go to to log into our member management platform, Nexudus.  Scroll down on this page to see several “how to” videos.  Here you can book rooms, browse the member directory, update your credit card, see the events calendar, and watch replays from our Business Booster sessions.
  2. Download the Passport by Nexudus app (Apple Store and Google Play)

Get Involved

  1. Request to join both private Facebook group.
  2. Join a SubHub – member affinity groups
  3. Subscribe to our events calendar. How to video.
  4. Explore one of our daily events –
  5. Attend a Business Booster – Facilitated discussion on a current business topic
  6. Watch Business Booster recordings in our Resource Library by logging on to Nexudus.
  7. Visit with one of our business GURUS
  8. Explore upcoming virtual business acceleration academies
  9. Let us help you find your blind spots! Fill out this short 360 business assessment. Early stage companies or Growth stage companies

Get Exposure

  1. Write a guest blog post on the Hera Herald
  2. Share your StartUp Story on the Hera Herald
  3. Share your Success Story on the Hera Herald
  4. Be interviewed on our Podcast, “Flight Club
  5. Apply to lead Business Booster
  6. Hosting an event or workshop?
    – Publish Your Event to our public calendar
    – Remember, as a member, you can book the space evenings and weekends
    – Need event marketing help? Felena’s training on setting-up and marketing your event
  7. Post a flyer on our community board

Special Opportunities

  1. Become a featured Business GURU (Silver and above)
  2. Get Special Business Exposure  (Gold & Platinum levels)

Help Wanted! Bonus Resources

  1. Need an intern? Here is a great article on how to attract and manage interns. Be sure to watch the video here. We encourage you to use the space to connect with interns.
  2. Need an assistant? Consider posting the need on our Global Community group. We also have a great training about working with virtual assistants (VAs). Here is the video from one of Felena’s Biz Boosters.