Our members have access to daily, in-person programming, as well as 20-30 hours a month of LIVE virtual programming – for daily accountability, mentoring, masterminding, education, and networking.

To see how these play out, visit our events calendar.


Business Boosters

A Business Booster is a weekly, one-hour facilitated discussion on a pertinent business topic. The conversation is hosted by a fellow Hera Hub member in an area of their expertise. It is a great way for the host to gain exposure within the community. Business Boosters are one of the best ways for members to learn tools for entrepreneurship and self-growth, and to stay “up-to-date” on important business topics. They are also a great way for members to meet one another and build new relationships.

Past Business Booster topics include budgeting, branding, LinkedIn, negotiations, filing trademarks, Instagram, CRM software, legal updates, and more!

Women in the Business Booster Program at Hera Hub

Global Sub-Hubs

Sub-Hubs are global, member-led affinity groups, which meet regularly to share resources and support one another. Some Sub-Hubs are industry-specific, others have risen from common interests or goals, while others still are based on the phase of business shared by the members. Each Sub-Hub has a private Facebook group for the sharing of resources, discussion, and events. The members of each group decide upon the format and structure of the virtual meetings for a true “for members, by members” experience. New members are always welcome, as are suggestions for new Sub-Hubs. Email info@herahub.com with questions or to be added to any of the groups.

A list of Sub-Hubs can be found at herahub.com/subhubs

Mindful Mondays

Every Monday, we tap our member base for coaches, instructors, and counselors to lead a 20-minute mindfulness exercise to center ourselves and mentally prepare for the coming week. Through meditation, breathwork, and even sound healing, we gather together to begin the week as a community with our intentions firmly in place.

Global Challenges

Hera Hub hosts several Global Challenges throughout the year, focusing on the all-important goal of working “on” your business versus “in” your business. Challenge themes include Content Development, Marketing, Writing, and Sales, and the duration of each ranges from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on the topic. Each Challenge is conducted through a private Facebook event through which participating members are encouraged to introduce themselves and their businesses, seek support for their goals, and share wins. Not only do our Global Challenges provide the accountability that entrepreneurs need to move their businesses forward, but they are a wonderful opportunity for members across locations to get to know each other’s businesses and connect.

Creators’ Lab

Have you been putting off creating that new project and proposal, creating meaningful content, or writing that blog, book, bio, web or sales copy? Creators’ Lab is the perfect solution to setting time aside to get these goals accomplished. We carve out the time that is required to create, and in a comfortable, supportive environment with a sense of accountability. This event is designed for members who want to get the work done. Hosted for a 1.5-hour block once a month (and sometimes weekly!), we encourage our members to bring their lunches and laptops into the conference room, catch up with one another, bounce ideas off the group, and then get some work done. From full-time authors to business bloggers to the everyday entrepreneur, everyone can benefit from attending!

Accountability Groups

One of the biggest challenges for an entrepreneur is accountability. There are a variety of groups to meet members’ needs – weekly, monthly, online and in-person at each Hera Hub location. Everyone attending has an opportunity to share what they are working on, what they want to commit to, and to ask for support and resources.

Monthly Networking Happy Hours and Lunches

Every month, members have an opportunity to connect face-to-face with others at either our member-only Happy Hour or Lunch (alternates monthly). Food and drink are provided. We like to mix things up to provide a variety of experiences, so monthly events could be in our space or at an outside venue or even the outdoors! In addition to our bi-annual Business Acceleration Expo, the annual Hera Heroine Awards, and a Thanksgiving Potluck, here are examples of recent monthly events:

  • Mastermind for a local nonprofit
  • Salsa Dancing Lessons
  • Canyon Hike
  • Family Game Night

Documentary & Discussion

A place to learn about and engage with various topics, such as education, the environment, and generational wellness. The aim is to connect with the community through informative and inspiring experiences. We gather to watch a talk or short documentary, and then discuss our responses and thoughts on the topic. It is free and open to members and their invited guests. Popcorn and beverages provided!

Community Conversations

A safe space to give attention to important topics, such as women’s health, building confidence, and the loneliness epidemic. The aim is to create a space where we can lean on the community to listen and lift each other up. We listen within the member community to identify a timely topic, present relevant information, and engage together through exercises and/or discussions.

Flight Club Annual Retreat

Each year Felena Hanson takes a select group of women on a unique adventure to places that allow them to step out of their business and paint a picture of an ideal future. These 4-day – 14-day retreats are an exclusive opportunity to really take your business to the next level.

The inaugural Flight Club retreat took place in Greece (2015). Since then, retreats have taken place all over the world… in Sweden, Italy, British Columbia, etc. Every year we adventure to a new place!

Join us this September 8-14, 2024 in Victoria, BC for an enriching adventure and business retreat! Secure your spot now at www.HeraHub.com/FlightClub2024 and blend relaxation with professional growth in Victoria’s natural beauty.



Launch Academy

This 9-week business accelerator guides participants through the 17 foundational steps of business building. The program includes customer discovery, business model canvas, naming, licensing & permits, banking & credit card set-up, record keeping, entity set-up, tax set-up, pricing, branding, marketing plan, online presence, contracts, insurance, team, systems & organization, financial projections, and one-page business plan.

The cohort meets with the facilitator, via Zoom, for two hours of classroom time each week. This time will be used to brainstorm ideas, receive feedback, leverage guest experts, and build a community among the participants. Learn more at LaunchAndGrow.org.

Growth Academy

This 9-week accelerator program guides small business owners through the steps needed to scale their business. In addition to going through the Growth Academy eCourse, the cohort will meet with the instructor, via Zoom, for two hours of classroom time each week. This time will be used to brainstorm ideas, receive feedback, bring in guest experts, and build a community among the participants.

Each week participants will complete one step of the growth process and will be required to submit checkpoint questions before moving to the next step. These will be collected in a shared document for reference. The capstone will require each participant to create and present a pitch to an investor, bank, or strategic growth partner. Learn more at LaunchAndGrow.org.

The Launch & Growth Academies are sponsored by various community partners


Hera Hub GURUs are subject matter experts who donate their time to meet one-on-one with both members and non-members to answer questions they may have on a variety of topics related to their field. We have GURUS in a variety of fields, including Marketing, Branding, Finance, Taxes, Law, Human Resources, Grant Funding and more!

Think of it like “office hours” with your professor. GURU hours are a wonderful way to get free advice from business experts. You can drop by Hera Hub during the posted GURU hours, or contact the GURU in advance to make an appointment. Please check www.HeraHub.com/gurus to see details on what’s offered at the location nearest you.

Business Acceleration Expo & Open House

Set your business up for success and prepare to take flight with this resource-packed biannual event. Open to both members and non-members, this free event is geared toward female entrepreneurs and small business owners who are tired of going it alone and looking for a supportive community of inspired and driven entrepreneurs. Our Business Acceleration Expo is an action-packed day of open office hours, workshops, mentoring, coworking and relationship building that will take your business to a higher, more productive and more profitable level. Lunch is provided. Hear what past attendees had to say about the event.

Strategic Planning Day

This 8 hour workshop will help you build a visual road-map for the next 12 months… to think bigger and identify the resources you need to make your goals a reality. Open to both members and non-members.

The workshop is for women who:
• Find it challenging to carve out the time to really build a strategic plan
• Want some guidance on next steps and future direction
• Are ready to take their business to the next level!

Get first-hand experience from past participants – watch this video.

Art Gallery and Art Receptions

Hera Hub is proud to support local female artists by displaying their work for several months throughout our space. We host a formal opening reception shortly after each exhibition is installed. This evening event is open to the public and gives the local community the opportunity to meet and interact with the artist(s). All of the artwork is for sale and is available to be viewed Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. Stay tuned for our new page featuring our currently featured artists and their works available to purchase at Hera Hub!