Effective immediately, we are taking the following measures to support local ordinances and restrictions

that aim to curb the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hera Hub Irvine is all about integrating wellness and business and we care deeply about advancing our community’s overall well-being. Part of that is doing our part to keep you safe and healthy while working in our space. We want you to feel safe and be safe!
Please use this guide as a reference as we navigate our new standards commitment to our community. As we learn more we will provide you with updates on our website and via email.
The Hera Hub Irvine team is dedicated to creating the same community space you know and love while upholding the highest standards of health and safety. We recognize this plan is only the beginning of our efforts and will be an ongoing and changing process as the landscape evolves. Hera Hub Irvine will follow all CDC and state guidelines and share new and updated information with the community as we have been since the start of the pandemic.
The health, safety, and well-being of our staff and members is – and will continue to be – our number one priority. All opportunities for improvement in procedures and processes will be seriously considered. We welcome and encourage your feedback.
Members and management will strive to do their utmost to mitigate any germ-spread and maintain a clean and safe environment knowing that 100% control of sanitization is not achievable 100% of the time and that self-enforcement will be key. Hera Hub has supplied sanitation stations throughout the space but can not be responsible for, nor ensure the health of, all participants in our shared workspace. If you do not feel well or comfortable, please stay home until you do. When you do decide to join us, please be prepared to be welcomed and diligent in doing your part.


  • All members and guests must check in/out at front desk
  • Hand sanitizer is supplied there for your convenience
  • Masks are required when moving throughout the space in common areas


  • Wear masks when you leave your workspace to  move around the space  (not required at your private workspace). 
  • Obviously this can’t be executed perfectly at all times, but we can all put forth our best effort which will help a lot.


  • Wash hands immediately upon entering kitchen area
  • Safe distance should be practiced at a times in the kitchen, masks are required 
  • Enter and leave kitchen so far as possible in one direction to minimize close contact with others
  • Members should bring their own water bottles
  • Nano-septic wraps for handles are on the way (continuously self-sanitizing surface technology) 
  • Disposable cups are available for coffee. 
  • All dishes must be placed in dishwasher to be sanitized
  • All surfaces and items used must be wiped down and dried after any meal prep
  • Paper towels should be used for all cleaning and drying applications


  • Members using space for coworking must maintain a 6ft distance. Chairs have been arranged to accommodate this. Please select seating options that maintain the safe  6’ distance.
  • Please wipe down the space you use when you are finished so it is ready for the next member
  • Mask wearing is not required in your private work space, but safe distancing is recommended
  • To keep volume levels to a minimum for coworkers, meetings and collaborations of 2 or more members must take place in a reserved meeting room


  • Meeting room rentals are available for groups of 2-10 people
  • Social distancing is recommended for group meetings
  • Face masks are up to 
  • To maintain the 6ft distancing in the coworking space, all collaboration between 2 or more people must be held in meeting/conference rooms. To use the rooms, reservations are required. They can be booked ahead or last minute based on availability. If you go over your reserved  time, you can go back and adjust the time as needed. If you cancel or no show, your reservation will be charged (see full policy for details).
  • Please allow time to wipe down the area you have used in preparation for the next member
  • Mask wearing in meeting rooms will be left up to attending members
  • White Board Markers may be checked out at front desk, and  will be sanitized between uses

Those who answer “YES” to any of the following statements should not enter our workspaces, regardless of their membership status:

  • I currently have either fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or have within the past week.
  • I have been around others who are sick with colds, flu, or any illness that has caused fever.
  • I have (or anyone I’ve been in contact with has) tested positive for COVID-19 and have not yet been cleared for reintegration by the CDC.
  • In the last 14 days, I’ve returned from (or been in close contact with a traveler from) a country where the World Health Organization has reported a rapid spread of COVID-19.

This is an evolving document and policy outline. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Management.


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