As a non-repentant rebel and self-admitted rules breaker, Felena started her first business at age 8, traveled Western Europe alone, and can often be seen inciting pop-up dance parties on the streets of San Diego.  A life-threatening car accident, at age twenty-two, caused her to take stock of her life, re-evaluate her direction and set big goals for herself.  Felena’s early career in the fast-paced technology industry resulted in three layoffs by age 30.  Also at 30 she faced a failed marriage and business, which caused her to again re-evaluate her life’s path.

Never one to dwell on what has happened to her, but to always shift her focus forward, she eventually launched Hera Hub, with a vision to support over 20,000 women with the launch and growth of their business all over the world.

Felena shared her entrepreneurial journey through her book – “Flight Club – Rebel, Reinvent, and Thrive: How to Launch Your Dream Business” available on Amazon.

The book is part Felena’s journey and path to entrepreneurship, stories of over a dozen inspiring women, tools to help the reader discover their dream business, and finally, a step-by-step process to get that business off the ground.

Download the the Flight Club book


After running a marketing strategy business out of her home for eight years, Hera Hub founder Felena Hanson, knew she had to find a cost-effective/flexible place where she could escape the isolation and daily distractions. She was excited to stumble on the concept of coworking and shared office space but found most of the existing spaces were designed other audiences.

Given she was dedicated to serving entrepreneurial women, through leadership in organizations like Ladies Who Launch, she began exploring what it would take to start a shared work space focused on serving women owned businesses. After much research, she came up with the idea of building a work and meeting space where enterprising women could connect and collaborate in a spa-inspired setting. She launched the first Hera Hub in August 2011 and has been growing by leaps and bounds ever since!



To provide entrepreneurial women with a productive, professional work and meeting space, where they can connect with a like-minded community to collaborate and flourish. Our goal is to support over 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their business.