Crowdfunding startup marketplace, iFundWomen recently joined in partnership with Hera Hub in launching a ‘3-Part Digital Series: Crowdfunding Successfully with iFundWomen’ open exclusively to Hera Hub members nationally.

The technology-based startup ecosystem is designed specifically with early-stage entrepreneurs in mind helping provide ease of access to funding through crowdfunding and grants, expert coaching, and quality community connections and creative services.

In partnership with Hera Hub, iFundWomen created an exclusive digital series to teach Hera Hub members how to raise funds for their business. The digital series kicks off on Tuesday, October 15th.

The skills presented in the 3-part series will prepare female entrepreneurs for the crowdfunding journey. Additionally, it will provide valuable insight into the equity raise after initial funding. Statistics show that 34% of participants go on to raise VC capital. The iFundWomen Method includes three modules:

Module 1: Honing Your Pitch

In this module, you will get crystal clear on the exact problem you solve and how your product or service provides the solution.

Module 2: Mapping Your Network

The majority of people who will contribute to your campaign will be people you know. In this module, we will zero in on who they are.

Module 3: Building Your Rewards & Marketing Strategy

Once we figure out who your audience is, we’ll figure out what you can sell them, how you will reach them and what you’re going to say.

Interested in membership at Hera Hub? Find a location near you. To learn more about iFundWomen visit


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