Hera Heroine Awards - 8 Years

On September 19, Hera Hub celebrated eight years of supporting the launch and growth of hundreds of women-owned businesses. Hera Hub community received recognition and are celebrated for their many achievements through nominations from both the community and staff.

The San Diego Hera Hub community gathered together for the third annual Hera Heroine Awards Night. Honorees were nominated by members of the Hera Hub Community and were selected for each San Diego location. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let us introduce you to our 2019 Hera Heroines.

Hera Heroine Awards 2019 Group Photo

Please meet our 2019 Hera Heroines!

Hera Hub selected an outside community organization that has had a significant impact on women. The local impact award was presented to Kathryn Evans (Women in Sales)

Most Resilient Award – They say, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.  This is, of course, true in business too! These honorees are in it for the long haul!  Their tenacity has shown through tough times and they are committed to continuous progress and growth.

Awarded to Janeal Ford (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Etta Wilson (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley), and Teresa Barnes (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

Pivot Award – These heroines are agile and responsive.  While they may have had to go back to the drawing board a few times, each one always emerges stronger.  They have their ear to the ground and are willing to adapt as the market needs change.

Awarded to Leslie Bennett (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley), Monetta Plassmeyer (Hera Hub Mission Valley) and Sara Clark-Williams (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

Women’s Advocate Award – These honorees are awarded to recognize their impactful service and special contributions to advancing and advocating for women around her through their work.

Awarded to Maggie Frank Hsu (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Yvonne Ohumukini (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Dana Bristol-Smith (Hera Hub Carlsbad. 

Innovation Award – These honorees are breaking barriers in their field.  They are doing more than thinking outside the box. They are building a new one!

Awarded to Emily Josenhans (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Ria Langheim(Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Tammy Hawkins (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

The Mentorship Award – These honorees have a powerful commitment to advising other women and helping them advance. They are always very giving of their time and wisdom.

Awarded to Barbara Eldridge (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Bethany Kelly (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Nikkie Achartz (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

The Connector Award – These honorees have gone above and beyond to help other members and find the right resources for them.  They have a true passion for seeing their fellow sisters succeed!

Awarded to Sheryl Marie (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Renee Zau (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Virginia Rodriguez (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

The Leadership Award – These are the members we all look up to.  They inspire other women on a daily basis and is set the standard for what it means to be a female entrepreneur.

Awarded to Dominique Molina (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Cindy J. Lin (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Elaine Swan (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

The Collaborator Award – This award recognizes members who are actively seeking opportunities to work with and support other members. They are generous with their time, experience, and knowledge.

Awarded to Meredith Gronroos (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Melody Kramer and Payal Mehta (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Judi Bonilla (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

The Changemaker AwardThis honoree inspires change in their field for the greater good. They are pioneering new approaches and tactics to existing challenges.

Awarded to Donna Kozik (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Lieve Achten (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Jessica Hornbeck (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

San Diego location directors nominated these members in their respective communities in the following categories:

Most Engaged Ambassador Award

Awarded to Crystal Daigle (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Chandler Martin (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Desirae Storey Smidt (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

Biggest Brand Evangelist Award

Awarded to Gina Williams (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Katherine Zacharias (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Karen Vazquez (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

Most Involved in Hera Hub Programs Award

Awarded to Bree Kochel (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Janet Larson & Gayani Weerasinghe (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Lizbeth Vega (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

Most Growth/Progress Award

Awarded to Sara Hernandez Kemp (Hera Hub Mission Valley), Debbie Chen (Hera Hub Sorrento Valley) and Jami Shapiro (Hera Hub Carlsbad).

A special thanks to our incredible sponsors for the evening:

Decor by The Sweet Kindred, located in Carlsbad, CA  |   Drinks provided by Le Grand Courtage (wine) and CHERVONA Vodka (spirits)


It was an incredible honor to recognize the amazing women in San Diego who diligently focus on supporting one another and Hera Hub’s mission. We are excited about what the future holds as we continue to work towards the mission of helping 20,000 women in the launch and growth of their business by 2020.

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