I can still hear my riding instructor saying “stop clenching your teeth” as I rode around the ring desperately trying to WILL my horse to do what I wanted. Invariably he wouldn’t and we’d go around the ring completely out of sync. Once I finally would relax, everything seemed to flow and we were both happier and could accomplish something in class.

Those words still ring true for me today as I work to grow my business. It’s easy to get caught up in the world of trying too hard. We all do it. This is when I remember her words and unclench my teeth.


It’s like trying to take the knot out of your favorite necklace. The harder you pull at it, the worse it becomes. The best thing to do is relax the necklace and let the knot fall out.

So when things get a bit crazy with your business, try to remember to unclench your teeth and enjoy the ride!