Rita Goodroe is an international speaker and business mentor and strategist to women entrepreneurs, helping them take bold action to realize BIG results in business so they make more money in less time in a ways that feel good!

Rita’s clients love how she uses humor and storytelling to break tough topics down into practical, easily implementable, actions and have coined the phrase “Rita made me DO it!” to celebrate their many successes.

Prior to becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Rita worked for 13 years as a business attorney.  In 2015, she founded “Women’s Business Garden,” a free, global, community that provides education and community events to women entrepreneurs.  In June 2016, Women’s Business Garden was selected as a change-making community by the United State of Women Summit convened by The Obama White House

Having built two successful businesses of her own, and helping her clients to do the same, Rita can get you clear on the right strategy for your business goals and optimal growth.

You may want to ask Rita questions related to:

  • How can I get more clients?
  • Where should I be networking for best results?
  • How can I increase my revenue?
  • What’s the best way to craft my elevator speech?
  • How can I grow my list?
  • Am I taking the right actions to reach my business goals?
  • How can I create services, packages and programs that my clients will love?
  • My business has stalled, how can I get it to the next level?
  • How can I get more visibility?

Email:  Rita@RitaMadeMeDoit.com

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