Every year we are delighted to showcase some of the non-profits in our membership! Whether it’s a local non-profit or one whose work supports communities in other countries, it’s so important for us to acknowledge the work they are doing and to spread the word so others can be aware of and donate to their cause!

August Belt, Founder of ARB MindfulArts Corp

“ARB MindfulArts” is a non- profit expressive and enrichment organization built on community and unity. We are committed to nurturing and freeing the heart, mind, and souls of our participants. Here we promote and provide a safe space for youth and adolescents to acknowledge, rebuild and bond with themselves and others, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Participants have the ability to strive, grow, create, speak and be heard. We strive to share a story that provides a beacon of light to assist with helping youth and adolescents to gain or regain their voice. “ARB MindfulArts” strives to ensure, despite our differences we can unify and grow in solidarity together. Our unity can create a foundation of art that will exemplify our unique stories.

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Janell Mayo Duncan, President and Founder of Living Well Black

Living Well Black is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing health equity in the Black community. Our goal is to become the trusted go-to source of health and wellness information for the Black community. We are dedicated to reducing health disparities and addressing information gaps through information, social media campaigns, partnerships, direct outreach, research, and advocacy.

To learn more about Living Well Black, please visit their website here!

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Jasmine Thomas, Founder and Director of Galatians Law Collaborative

Galatians Law Collaborative is a Christian non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to transform lives, build shelters, and glorify God in all we do. Our main project is to construct safe, transformative homeless shelters in the District that provide pathways to self-sustainability, homeownership, and rehabilitation.

For more information about their organization, please visit their website here!

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Dr. Lina Zedriga Waru, Founder of Women Defending Democracy (WODD)

Women Defending Democracy (WODD) is a voluntary organization/Not-for-profit entity registered in Washington DC USA. The founders comprise of human rights defenders and democracy practitioners from the Great Lakes region and diaspora. We advocate for inclusive democratic processes, peace and security, human rights protection in practice, Inter-generational and cross border engagements online, and in person. Our strategy is grounded in the three intertwined, interdependent and interrelated strands of theory of Change namely, Agency, Relation, and Structure. Our slogan is Equal by Right as power belongs to the people and is not a personal property. We believe in meaningful participation and leaving no one behind at every level.

To learn more about their organization, visit their website here!

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