I was excited to interview Liz Whitehead, CEO of 12PointFive, for our #UpAndOver video series. Liz is an executive with over 15 years of experience helping companies achieve their diversity and inclusion goals both domestically and internationally. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies and small to medium sized businesses.

For employees and staff of medium to large organizations this includes: development of diversity and inclusion training, facilitation, and innovative procurement events. For small business owners this includes one-on-one consulting  and capacity development. The keys to the 12PointFive approach are engaging content, interactive sessions, opportunity development, hands on support and coaching, and measurable results.

One of the key things we discussed is how to leverage a strategic partnership to expand your business. She explains how she is doing that to build her Diversity Mastermind program. She also offers up several additional tips on building a successful business.

Liz’s #UpandOver Tips:

Find a strategic partner for support.

“We created a link between our two businesses, which I like.”

Go narrow with your target market.

“It’s a mindset thing where you have to say: I really love to do this “thing”, but is that where my target market is going to be? …. Is that activity going to be revenue generating?”

Use your time wisely

“Yes you can do it all, but it may not be the most productive way to spend your time…. Time is your most precious asset, find hacks to use, like Calendy, to save time. ”

Listen to the video to also learn more about how Liz came up with the name for her business – 12PointFive. I promise, it’s not at all what you’d expect!