Every year we are excited to celebrate National Small Business Week by sharing tips and information from our member community in support of fellow small businesses!

LeWahn Wallace, Virtual Executive Assistant with Virtually Done Services

LeWahn’s goal is to assist overwhelmed business owners with the everyday tasks that can’t be overlooked to succeed. She can assist your business with tasks ranging from PR pitching, to administrative duties, and even creating fun graphics!

She also shares many great tips on the blog on her website! Below are three that you should check out!

  • “How to Take a Vacation When You Run a Small Business” – “Is it easy being away from your business? In the beginning, no! It can be challenging to spend time away from a business that relies on you being the CEO, manager, customer service rep, and marketer. Still, it’s also essential for your health to take regular breaks. Not sure how to take a vacation without feeling guilty?” Read more!
  • “How to Brainstorm Your Content Pillars” – “Do you find yourself struggling to come up with content ideas? You’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to come up with content topics that will be interesting for their audience and help them achieve their business goals. That’s where content pillars come in. I will share what content pillars are and how to brainstorm them. I’ll also give you a few tips on creating better content using your content pillars as a guide.” Read more!
  • “How to Know You are Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant” – “If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant, you might be wondering how to know you are ready to hire a virtual assistant. Especially if you’ve been running your business as a solopreneur, it can be challenging to feel confident hiring the right virtual assistant.” Read more!

You can learn more about LeWahn and her services here on Instagram or here on Facebook!

Kathryn Wepfer, Founder of Fulcrum Apparel

Whether you are returning to work as a small business owner or as an employee from maternity leave, it can be challenging finding professional workwear that takes into account your new postpartum body, especially if you are breastfeeding. Given her personal experience as a nursing mom and her career as an engineer, Kathryn designed her own solution, an apparel line that takes these professional and personal needs into consideration. Her goal is to make it easier for nursing moms to transition back into the workplace in professional workwear.

On The Pivot, Kathryn also shares real stories, tips and tricks on how women have transitioned back into the workplace after maternity leave. Below are three recent entries:

  • “4 Gamechangers I Learned in Postpartum Therapy” – “Fourth trimester. Do those words make you think of baby snuggles and sweet moments, or do they tap into feelings of insecurity and anxiety? Maybe something in between?” Read more!
  • “A Modern Take on the Tradition of Postpartum Confinement” – “This mom practiced a modern version of an ancient tradition that prioritizes a mom’s rest and healing and emphasizes the importance of leaning on others for support from day one.” Read more!
  • “How to Make the Feeding Journey Less Traumatic for New Moms” – “Most first-time moms, including me, expect breastfeeding will be natural and easy, yet so often it feels painful, unnatural, and completely overwhelming.” Read more!

Check out Fulcrum Apparel’s e-commerce shop here!

Kimberly Hall, Founder of Sip+Tipple

When Kim discovered how difficult it was to find and locally purchase Black-owned spirit brands, she decided to do something about it! So in 2021, she started Sip+Tipple, a community of people interested in defining the flavors they love, exploring new brands curated especially for their taste profile and sharing the experience of enjoying those brands through exclusive events.

Through their subscription service, you will be able to create your personal flavor profile and select (2) spirits per quarter, recommended for you based upon your preferences. Through the S+T Collective, you’ll be able to learn more about the brands, get new cocktail recipes, connect with other S+T members and more!

Curious about your taste profile? You can take the S+T quiz here.

For more information, check out their website and their FAQ’s!