This year we are celebrating Earth Day a bit differently! We are loaning our sunny window sill to Hera Hub DC member, Frank Dearden, Founder of ForestPlanet, to grow sycamore trees!

If you’ve been to our space, you know how important live plants are to us! I’ve had to acquire a “green thumb” to keep our plants alive and thriving for the past 7 years, so when Hank reached out, my immediate answer was “YES!” I’m so proud of our new seedlings!

Take a look at their progress over the past 3 weeks!

A recent project they have been working on is in Tanzania. They have helped plant over 80,000 trees there since late 2020. Learn more about this project and it’s impact on the surrounding community.

If you are interested in learning more about ForestPlanet and the other projects they are supporting, check out their blog here.

And please consider donating to support their reforestation efforts!

Plant Hope by donating!