Montgomery “Monti” Pace, Founder and CEO of Two Point Oh, LLC, designs and implements systems for clients’ lives and businesses. With a background in administration, coordination, and project management, she leverages her expertise to create customized “minimum viable systems” that enable clients to focus on high-impact goals and achieve them with ease. Monti’s systems include business development pipelines, project/task management, time management, and more.

You may want to ask Monti questions related to:

  •  I’ve invested in various software tools to manage my business, but my team and I aren’t using them to their full potential and often fall back into old, less-efficient habits. How can I create a system that leverages these tools effectively, while establishing habits and accountability to ensure consistent use and maximum productivity?
  •  My business is growing, but I’m finding it hard to scale my operations without working longer hours or sacrificing the quality of my work. What strategies can I use to streamline my processes and increase my capacity?
  • I jot down notes, action items, and ideas in a million different places, from physical notebooks to digital apps. How can I create a “capture system” that I’ll actually stick with?
  • I’ve tried various productivity techniques and tools, but I haven’t been able to make them stick long-term. How can I identify the right combination of strategies and systems that align with my unique working style and goals, and create a plan to implement them sustainably?
  • I have a clear vision for my business, but I struggle with breaking it down into manageable tasks and milestones. How can I create a roadmap that keeps me focused on my goals and helps me make consistent progress?

Monti offers her GURU hours virtually every other week on Thursdays 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm ET.

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