While Hera Hub membership offers a great deal of support through weekly Business Boosters, GURUs, and the Business Development Power Hour, we recognize that you may need additional assistance as you launch and grow your business.  Thus we have created “PLUS” programs to guide you through some of the most challenging parts of business building.

The PLUS programs can be added to any membership level and be leveraged on a one-time basis or monthly/ongoing basis. $99 per program (per month) will be added to your monthly membership.  It’s that simple!

Check with your Community Director for more details or to sign up for one of the PLUS programs.


Do I have a viable business concept?

Your director will walk you through all 16 aspects of a business framework to determine where you need to do more research or flesh out the concept more fully before deciding to move forward. The program includes a 45-minute initial session with your Community Director (to lead you through the framework) and a 15-minute follow-up meeting 3-4 weeks later, after you’ve had a chance to do your research.


How do I build a solid platform for my business?

You will have premium access to the StepsToStartup platform, which leads you through the 17 foundational steps to launching your business. This will be coupled with monthly check-ins with your Community Director to make sure you’re staying on track!

Financial Modeling

Does my business have the potential to make money?

Your Community Director will set you up to create solid financial projections for your business (one year) and work through potential financial models.  As a first step, you will be given the template and step-by-step instructions.  Once you’ve created a draft you will then meet with the Director to help fine tune your projections.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Do you need support to stay on track?

Could you use a sounding board to support you in business goal setting and staying on track? Work one-on-one with your Community Director to set monthly business goals and have someone to stay accountable to on a monthly basis.  This ensures you’re focused on the right things and that you’re making progress!  All the benefits of a business partner without the headache!

Workshop Success Fundamentals 

Are workshops part of your business development plan?  Would you like to learn best practices on marketing your program?  Work one-on-one with your Community Director to cover the fundamentals of planning and executing a successful workshop at Hera Hub.  We’ll be focusing on clarifying your target audience, timing and preparation, marketing and much more.  The program includes a 45-minute initial session with your Community Director (to walk you through the template) and a 15-minute follow-up meeting 1-2 weeks later, to make sure you’re making progress.

Intern Support

Do you need an extra hand to expand your business?

Our intern sourcing and strategy program will help you identify the best places to find interns, give you a template to write an attractive description, a roadmap to effectively work with an intern and get the most out of the relationship. The program includes a 45-minute initial session with your Community Director (to walk you through the template) and a 15-minute follow-up meeting 1-2 weeks later, to make sure you’re making progress.

Business Strategy Support

Are you making a pivot in your business or looking to add a new product or service?  Need guidance and feedback to get to the next step?  No matter what your business challenge we will sit down, face-to-face and help you work through it.  The initial meeting is a 45-minute session to identify the challenge and craft a plan.  We will sit down again approximately 4 weeks later for a 15 check-in to track your progress and see what additional resources and support you might need.



“The biggest thing that I struggle with as a solopreneur is the discipline to get things done. There’s nobody standing over my shoulder making sure I’m hitting my deadlines. Working with Melissa to set realistic monthly goals and then break each goal into subtasks has helped me to break through the overwhelm. Having my goals on the visual goal-setting board at Hera Hub is something that motivates me to show up and be visible and the weekly check-ins really me stay on track. I feel like I’m part of a team again, which I have missed!“
April M, Hera Hub Mission Valley


“The Workshop Plus program offered invaluable expertise and support in helping me launch my workshop series. I’m very appreciative of how this helped me fine tune my strategy for future offerings!”
Susan P, Hera Hub Sorrento Valley
“The one-hour workshop helped me get clear on the holes in my strategy. I felt going in that I was mostly prepared but during the workshop I learned that my target market was not clearly defined and there was much work to do on my marketing channels and filling my sales funnel. The workshop prompted me to consider and solicit critical questions I had not asked, add an intro session and provide more details about my services that would be valuable to my users. The conversation on timing was also useful. All great content though.”
Kim B, Hera Hub Mission Valley