Female-Focused, Unique Coworking Space and Community

Not all shared offices and coworking spaces are created equal.  At Hera Hub, we pride ourselves on being a unique, female-focused networking community and professional workspace.  We offer:

  • Tranquil, yet professional, coworking space designed by and for women
  • Numerous networking opportunities with other female entrepreneurs
  • Flexible, month-to-month memberships
  • Access to educational workshops and classes
  • Invitations to private networking events
  • Discounts on professional development programs

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Hera Hub is the first female-focused coworking space to expand bi-coastal.  Learn more about expansion opportunities.

Tranquil, Nurturing Workspace

Most coworking spaces are geared to a digital arts or high-tech audience. Since Hera Hub is female-focused we’ve created a space that is beautiful, comfortable and feminine, yet also very professional. Our distinctly unique touches include soft lighting, tranquil fountains, candles and relaxing music.

At Hera Hub, you will also find all of your office needs, including:

  • Workspace – including expansive tables, stability balls, and standing work
  • Meeting rooms – with large dry erase boards for brainstorming
  • Conference rooms – with access to 60″ monitor and Apple TV
  • Business tools, including high speed wi-fi, video conferencing, faxing, free printing

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More than a Place to Work

Hera Hub is much more than just a shared workspace; it’s a community of like-minded entrepreneurial women who are dedicated to helping one another move their business forward.

Most organizations only support members via programming and intermittent networking opportunities. We give you, as a member, access to physical platform where you will brush elbows with the same women week after week, month after month, thus building an opportunity to create deep relationships.

Exclusive Networking Opportunities, Education and Events

We offer special classes, workshops and private events to be sure our members feel supported. Some of the online and in-space support offered includes:

  • Free access to business GURUS
  • Weekly workshops such as Business Booster and Writers’ Lounge
  • Monthly social events, such as lunch, happy hour and wine tasting trips

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Collaboration versus Competition

Our mantra at Hera Hub is there is plenty of business for everyone.  If someone is concerned about “completion” then they are probably not a good fit for a coworking space.  Watch the short video below about Felena discussing this topic with one of our members.