Shauna Ruyle is Founder of the AWS Chatbot Challenge San Diego, VP Public Policy at AAUW San Diego Branch and Director Channel Success, SaaSMAX Corp. She is a B2B tech professional with experience in business development, sales, channel success, marketing and sales enablement for high growth startups to global brands (including Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, and Iomega Corporation).

Shauna’s Personal Leadership Vision: Leading with relationships, service and an unquenchable thirst for learning, it is my personal leadership vision to ensure students are prepared for digital transformation in the workforce and to help reduce equity gaps in tech for women and minorities.

How? With a bottom up approach, her contributions are made through public-private partnerships that work to #innovate #educate and open the conversation to influencing change in current institutional thinking, cultural shifts, and fostering #innovation, #equity, #diversity, #inclusion, and #socialpolicy that improves peoples’ lives.

Twitter: @shruyle

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