Are you bogged down by small tasks that are keeping you from really growing your business?  Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you and your business flourish efficiently and affordably.

A VA can free you up to do the work you love.  They can professionally handle administrative tasks, minimize repetitive work, manage social media, make edits to your website, organize your schedule, help manage your email, and much, much more.  If you can screencast it, they can do it!

A VA can help you scale your business while shaving off hours from your work week.  Hiring a VA from the Philippines is not only cost effective, it also ensures you stay out of trouble with your state’s labor board!

If you want to classify a US-based assistant as an independent contractor you must prove that all three of the following are true:

  • They must be free from control and direction in connection with performing the work.
  • They must perform work that is outside the usual course your business.
  • They must also be engaged in other independent work.

In other words, yes, you can classify a web designer or digital marketing specialist (who has their own entity and also has other clients) as a contractor, but you legally need to pay a U.S. based admin/assistant as an employee!  People try to get around “employee” status because a $20 an hour admin will end up costing you $30 an hour, given all the requirements: employment tax, social security, unemployment insurance, disability insurance, workman’s comp insurance, paid sick leave, and potentially healthcare coverage (depending on the size of your company).

Task examples: email management/filtering, calendar management and scheduling, travel management, social media management, website/blog management, updating CRM system, customer service, file management, database building/updating CRM, digital file storage & organization, report creation, forms creation and management, document and presentation creation/management, online research, data mining & development, lead generation, deadline/deliverable tracking, project management, and much, much more.

We can also help you find specialists for projects such as video/audio editing, writing, SEO management, web development, and graphic design.

The Philippines regularly ranks high on the Global Competitiveness Index, making it a great option for outsourcing.

There’s an estimated population of 103 million people living in the Philippines, and most of them speak, read, and write English.  Also, many have college degrees!  We can tell you first-hand, working with VAs in the Philippines for over four years, and having spent time in the Philippines, Filipinos are friendly, hardworking, loyal, reliable, and trustworthy.

Hear what a fellow entrepreneur has to say about working with us to find the right virtual assistant…

Working with a VA can be a life saver, but finding the right VA and creating a bullet-proof system to effectively assign work and manage outcomes is not as easy.  That’s why we’re here to help.  We have spent time in the Philippines and created a network of vetted Filipino VAs to support Hera Hub members. Please see the options below and watch this screencast for a detailed explanation.

1. Project Work  PRICING
We match you with a qualified VA for a project

  • You must be prepared to effectively assign the project
    (understand how to work with a VA)
  • You may decide to continue to work with the VA, however it is important to keep in mind that we can only be focused on placement for the specific project at hand, not your long-term needs.
    Watch this screencast for more info.
$250 – one-time fee payable to HERA HUB
You pay the VA directly when the project is completed
2. Half or Full-time – Referral only PRICING
  • We provide you with 3 VA options for the 2 test projects
    • You must be prepared with your full task list and 2 test projects
$495 – one-time fee payable to HERA HUB

You pay VA for test tasks and pay directly for work engagement
3. Process Development & Matching (Half or Full-time) PRICING
Not sure what to assign a VA or how best to work with one?  We can help you!

One-hour initial meeting with a one-hour follow-up meeting to help you…

  • Help identify needs and create your task list
  • Create process for VA relationship, including software
    recommendations, contracts, pay rate and payment structure
  • Help identify 2 test projects
  • Provide you with 3 VA options 
  • Help you manage the two test projects
  • Assist you in choosing the best VA for your ongoing support needs
$985 – one-time fee payable to HERA HUB

We pay the VA for test tasks and you pay VA directly for work engagement.

4. Process Development, Matching, and Management PRICING
Too busy to manage the VA?  This option provides total support!

One-hour initial meeting with one-hour follow-up meeting to help you…

  • Identify needs
  • Create task list
  • Create process for VA relationship
  • Negotiate wage
  • Identify 2 test projects
  • We provide you with 3 VA options
  • We will help you manage the two test projects
  • Assist you in choosing the best VA for your ongoing support needs

Our VA manger in the Philippines will do weekly check-ins with the
assigned VA and Hera Hub will provide monthly feedback/reporting.

No up-front fee – 6 month commitment       

Half-time – 20 hours per week
$700-$900 month
(depending on VA’s experience and skills)

Full-time – 40 hours per week
$1200-$1400 month
(depending on VA’s experience and skills)

* Payments made directly to HERA HUB

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in VA services

    Choose however many apply (i.e. half-time and full-time).