Katherine Sai Wichmann Zacharias is a licensed insurance agent who provides a hat trick of services – bundling life insurance, long term care insurance, and tax free retirement all in one plan at a lower price. She provides unbiased, personalized financial advice and solutions that enable her clients to achieve their financial goals.

You may want to ask Katherine Zacharias questions related to:

  • How do I pass money to my children without probate and taxes?
  • Can you help me learn more about a Tax-Free Retirement?
  • How can $50/mo. secure my child’s/grandchild’s retirement?
  • How do I get the upside of the market without any of the downside risk or loss of money?
  • Is Cobra right for me?

Katherine is available from 9:30-11:00am PT every first Wednesday of the month.

Website: http://www.katherinezacharias.com
Email: Katherine@FiveRingsFinancial.com