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Community Director

Growing up in the high desert area of southern California, Melissa Lee loves warm weather and wide open spaces. In college, she developed a deep sense of connection and belonging through community, which only expanded as she traveled abroad and taught English to people from all over the world here in San Diego. With a unique, integrative studies degree in the creative process and 10 years experience in teaching and education management, she is now an entrepreneur – learning to use business as a force for good. Beyond taking deep inspiration from the empowered entrepreneurs of the Hera Hub community, Melissa feels at home as a connector, resource, and cheerleader for the members and their business needs. When she’s not facilitating members’ strategic alliances and supporting them in growing their empires, you can find her boldly chasing her dreams or playing beach volleyball with friends she calls family.  Discover how to grow your business and help your talents flourish at Hera Hub San Diego today!

Giving Mission

Hera Hearts

Hera Hearts is a series of collaborative projects bringing Hera Hub members together to donate time, money, and resources to non-profits that specialize in empowering, educating, and fostering entrepreneurship in at-risk youth and women.

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