Hera Hub membership means more than having access to a collaborative, serene, and productive coworking space… you also become part of a community of like-minded, ambitious business people who are moving their dreams forward.

Membership ranges from $99 per month for virtual membership to $389 per month for unlimited access, with several options in between.  To learn more please watch the adjacent video, or view this page. Feel free to contact us with any questions or reach out to schedule a tour.

Because Hera Hub is a tight-knit, supportive community, we want to make sure that we’re the “right” fit for you. Are you an entrepreneur, freelancer, contractor, author, nonprofit, or remote worker?  We’re looking for people who want to contribute to the community and in turn, would like the support of the community.

We would love to learn more about you!  Take a few moments to connect with us…