Sylva is a transformational counselor, humanitarian, and author who maintains a private counseling practice while serving as a Partner in One World Projects, Inc. (an international compassionate and fair trade organization that creates economic self-sufficiency for individuals and communities around the world). She is also on the faculty at Beurin University and has consulted with and developed programs for numerous Fortune 100-500 clients.

With a Ph.D. in Psychoneurology and Integrative Healing, Sylva is a mind-body specialist that is able to guide her clients to create new neural pathways using specific processes and rituals to establish a basis of harmony that can transform their well-being on every level. Her passionate enthusiasm for her patients is felt by everyone she touches and she’s been called a “master at the language of the heart.”

As an author, she has published numerous articles; contributed to several books, co-author of “HealthFairs for the Healthy Workforce” and is co-author of The Hidden Riches coming out in Sept/Oct 2014 (Random House) .

Sylva’s commitment to help others find their personal freedom goes back to her experiences as a young child. She and her family escaped from what was then Czechoslovakia during the Russian occupation and at that time she spent time in refugee camps. Sylva is passionate about merging spiritual wisdom with scientific understanding of the body and mind and how that can lead to healing and inner transformation.

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