Jodi is a Financial Associate for Trilogy’s Wealth Advisory Group in San Diego. As a business Accountant, Jodi dedicated the first half of her career to helping businesses and business owners with their financial matters, so joining Trilogy as a Financial Associate is a natural next step.

Jodi has always paved her own way when it comes to her professional life. She has started, owned, operated and invested in several small businesses. She has a depth and breadth of experience in a broad range of industries and has had the immense pleasure of seeing businesses thrive under her financial and management guidance.

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  • How do I juggle between business costs and saving money for my future?
  • Why should I get life insurance if I’m young and healthy?
  • Should I pay off my credit cards or put money in a retirement account?
  • How do I live on a budget when my business is in start-up mode?