Barbara Murphy is an Intellectual Property (IP) attorney with a wide experience in obtaining and litigating patents, trademarks and copyrights on behalf of her clients. She has represented entities both small and large, including a small retail outlet, a performance artist and also Fortune 500 companies engaged in petroleum refining and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A belief in the importance of both establishing IP rights early in the life of a business and also avoiding IP disputes with competitors forms the core of her practice.

You may want to ask Barbara Murphy questions related to:

  • What steps are necessary to register my trademark or copyright?
  • What value would a patent provide to my business?
  • I have received a letter claiming that my business infringes a trademark/copyrighted work/patent invention; what do I do?
  • I think someone is using my trademark/copyrighted work/patented invention; what do I do?
  • What are trade secrets and how are they protected?