Darlene Hawley is a speaker, podcast host, business coach, and communication expert who shows ambitious, heart-centered entrepreneurs and rising business leaders how to speak up, stand out, and make more impact.

Her genius is twofold. Darlene shows entrepreneurs 2+ years into their business how to deepen their business foundation and go after visibility so they can share their message with the world, attract dream clients, and have the impact, freedom, and flexibility they desire.

Plus, she supports organizational leaders and their teams to strengthen their inner and outer voice so that they can speak up for themselves and the ideas and issues that matter most and move people to take action whenever they speak.

Questions you might ask Darlene during her GURU hours:

  • How can I hone in on my secret sauce and more effectively communicate that as a business owner?
  • How can I identify and play nicely with feelings that come up when presenting ideas and navigating uncomfortable situations?
  • How can my messaging and marketing address common pain points and personal motivators in a way to move people towards taking action?
  • How do I go after visibility opportunities that position myself and/or your company as a thought leader?
  • How can I reframe diminishing self-talk so that it supports me rather than undermines my communication confidence?
  • How do I tell stories that create connection, discovery, and buy-in for those listening?

Darlene is available from 10am-12pm PT every 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Book a 30 minute Zoom session – https://calendly.com/darlenehawley/guru-hh

Website: darlenehawley.com