The space that we choose to work in is the foundation of what we hope to accomplish. It’s where we take our ideas to the next level and bring our vision to life. It’s where we communicate with our clients, fellow employees, and employers (virtually or in-person) as well. During working hours, our workspace Is our home, so to speak. It may even be in our actual home. So, what happens when we let our workspace go crap and become overrunning with disorder and clutter?

It can bring all hopes of productivity and timely deadline management to a screeching halt. Disarray on your desktop is the fuel to time loss. It is you, shuffling paperwork, old diet coke cans, and 65 post-it notes and pens that no longer work while looking for the things you actually need to get the job done. But….There is hope. Let’s talk about how we take charge and take back our workspace.

Address “Why” Decluttering and Organization of your Workspace Matters

In the process of successfully making any physical changes in our lives, we first must mentally and emotionally accept the change. In other words, we need to admit our space is dysfunctional the way it currently is. We are more likely to actually do something about it if we truly believe there is a problem. If we admit and believe that the 16 files on our desk (BTW, we are currently only using 2) are unnecessary clutter, we can get to the Promise Land of a Happy, Productive space to work and create in.

Put it Away or Let It Go!

We have all heard the saying “A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place”. As cliché as it sounds, it’s really a great basis for keeping an organized workspace and avoiding unnecessary clutter. With the abundance of adorable storage containers and systems available from your favorite retailers or “right to your door” delivery from amazon, now, more than ever, It’s easy to create and maintain an attractive and organized workspace. Digital storage in the Cloud now gives us the ability to completely eliminate paper “mess” and store digital copies of everything from business cards to full presentations online. Simply put…”Girl, scan those business cards in and throw them away!” No, for real, do it now!

It’s A Process: Commit Already!

Your workspace will not become “Magazine Ready” overnight, which means you have a commitment on your hands. If you are like me, you can get overwhelmed quickly with mundane tasks that don’t bring you joy. That’s why bite-size goals get the job done. Try breaking up your organization and decluttering goals. For example:

  • Day One – Trash the Trash- Start with old receipts, scraps of paper, and old unnecessary paperwork and mail.
  • Day Two – Organize Your Tools – Pens and Markers, highlighters, staplers, office supplies in general. The only things on your desk should be items considered an Immediate Need/Frequently used.
  • Day Three – Wipe is All Clean – Dust, get some cleaners and wipe all the surfaces down. Every crevice including any keyboards and screens.
  • Day Four – Obtain and set up storage containers and setup online storage for use. Keep items you access often closest to your workspace.Aesthetics are important too

Aesthetics are important too.

We have all walked into our favorite coffee house or restaurant and immediately experienced a rise in our level of joy. Why is that? More often than not, it’s the look, feel, and attention to detail in the design of the space. It makes us feel welcome and want to spend time there. If you are working from home, a beautiful accent wall feature wallpaper or a beautiful, properly scaled piece of art makes an excellent backdrop to a ZOOM call. Neat and organized shelving and a nice clean streamlined workspace make you feel energized to work in your space. Never underestimate the power of a beautiful space in which you get to create.

The bottom line, it’s up to us to create the environment in which we do our most valuable work. The more organized we are, the more efficient we are likely to function in our space. Regained time and energy are worth their weight in gold. Set yourself up for success and put your workspace at the top of your to-do list.

918 Design Company is a Commercial and Residential design firm located in the beautiful Murrieta Valley in California. Laytricia Towery, the Principal Designer/Owner, is passionate about design and helping others realize their vision of a beautiful and functional space. By combining the two, 918 Design Co. was born. Laytricia has over 20 years in the home and design industry and earned her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. 918 Design Co. has combined design and relationship building to successfully meet the needs of the clients in a growing business. 918 Design Co specializes in Commercial, Hospitality, residential interiors, and space planning.