Dr. Alisha Franklin is a pioneer in the field of Remote Work and Founder of Hera Hub Temecula, a premier coworking space for entrepreneurs, commuters, and digital nomads. She works with enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, civic organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions to create a Wave of Productivity between headquarters and the home offices of staff members, stakeholders, contractors, and other mission-critical resources.

Dr. Alisha was an early adapter of remote work with over two decades of experience as a leader and team member of remote teams. Her experience has positioned her as a subject matter expert on remote work, with an expertise that stretches beyond pandemic panic. She focuses on a prescription for answering the critical post-pandemic question, “How do we do remote work NOW?”

Dr. Alisha has 15 years of experience as a lobbyist in the healthcare industry, where she facilitated connections, camaraderie, and community-building strategies between elected officials, their constituents, voters, and interest groups. Her ability to find the sweet spot between stakeholders’ competing priorities and viewpoints was instrumental in developing a productive collaboration between interested parties.

Finally, Dr. Alisha founded her small business, Hera Hub Temecula, during the height of the global pandemic – opening her doors for the first time, two weeks before the state-wide shutdown. Her leadership, negotiation abilities, economic prowess, and strategic mind, kept her doors open during a time when many small businesses would close theirs permanently. Her fortitude and resolve are indicative of her ability to lead under even the most difficult of circumstances.

Questions you might ask Alisha during her GURU hours:

  • What are the most effective ways to communicate with remote team members?
  • What tools should I invest in to help my remote team communicate effectively?
  • How do I assess remote leaders’ management abilities?
  • How do I assess remote employees’ job satisfaction?
  • How do I increase collaboration and productivity on my remote team?

Alisha is available from 10:30-11:30am PT every Wednesday of the month.
Book a 30 minute Zoom session – https://calendly.com/dr-alishawilkins/guru-hours

Website: herahub.com/temecula
Email: alisha@herahub.com