NBC San Diego recently produced a great segment on how Hera Hub coworking space has been able to continue to support the small business community throughout the pandemic.

New ideas and concepts are being released every day as business owners brainstorm new ways to help their establishments stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses have really had to pivot during this time, but some are finding ways to continue to grow.

One such business is Hera Hub, a female-focused co-working space that was founded in San Diego in 2011.

A co-working space and that business alone may seem like a bit of a challenge to grow right now during the pandemic, but it has a unique concept that’s centered around a sense of community, even when it’s important for people to socially distance.

More than simply a co-working space, Hera Hub is also a business accelerator,  giving entrepreneurs and people who work remotely the opportunity to engage with others who are doing the same thing.

The company tries to do a lot to support entrepreneurs by offering workshops, mentoring and education, to name a few.

Now, all of those services are online because of COVID-19. However, the workspaces are still open and are following strict cleaning and CDC guidelines. With that, workers are continuing to take advantage of the space.

“We’ve supported over 13,000 entrepreneurs in either the launch or the growth of their business,” said Felena Hanson, Founder of Hera Hub. “It is so rewarding to bring somebody in who is brand new in business and really help them from day one. Help them build the foundation of their business, find the mentoring, the resources they need for their business and have an opportunity to see them flourish.”

Hera Hub has three locations here in San Diego, two additional in southern California and one in Washington D.C.

It’s looking to expand in 2021, adding three new locations across the country.

The co-working space is female-focused, but anyone is welcome to use these services.