In October 2015, Hera Hub Founder and CEO, Felena Hanson, took six women on a 10-day working trip to Greece. In between visits to archaeological sites and island hopping to places like, Mykonos and Rhodes, Goddess Journey attendees mapped out their business goals and visions. Through a series of workshops and mastermind sessions, the women had the time and resources to do focused, strategic work on their businesses and develop a 12-step action plan for the upcoming year.

The Greek goddess Hera, Hera Hub’s namesake, has a fascinating mythology. After a visit to the Temple Of Hera, Gemma Economopoulou, the tour guide for the Flight Club trip, provided the attendees with some additional history about the Goddess of Women.

Wondering if next year’s trip is right for your? Hear testimonials from the inaugural participants and see a few of the gorgeous photos from the trip:

There are more than 200 photos from the Greece trip posted on Hera Hub’s Facebook Page.

Hera Hub Flight Club Greece Photos


Goddess Journey illustration art courtesy of Paula Brown Creative.