HeySocialGood is a unique content and data-driven platform that helps consumers easily shop with purpose by awarding medal rankings to socially conscious companies who give back and practice sustainable business operations.

HeySocialGood’s mission is to enrich people’s lives with well researched information and social good alternatives that inspire people to become a force for good.

“Our humble philosophy is that every single one of us should try to achieve the highest standard. We excitedly discovered many people, businesses and enterprises working to improve our communities and planet. We have an immense desire to show all the good being done, but we know the road to a social good future is long and involves many phases. This is why we established a stepwise based ranking analytics engine to celebrate progress not perfection. We work to highlight and celebrate every tiny (and giant) victory along the way,” said Dr. Cindy J Lin, CEO and CoFounder.

An environmental scientist by training, Dr. Lin’s vision for the online platform was two fold. One, to connect consumers to companies whereby every time they make a purchase, it leads to a positive impact such as donating to a school or planting a tree. The second reason was to create a social hub for social enterprises and businesses who have gone above and beyond their normal daily operations to give back to the community or to adopt sustainable practices.

HeySocialGood provides information about a company, its products’ ingredients, and the company’s positive impact. Most of the website is searchable for goods, while the remaining 20% lets shoppers browse for services, such as attorneys. Everyday products like coffee, outdoor gear, and clean beauty can be found within guides on the website. Each category lists vetted, medal-ranked companies based on a 200+ decision points data model that considers a company’s social and environmental impact and its contribution to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Lin’s “A-ha!” moment was realizing after spending 6 hours searching for compostable trash bags that the average consumer doesn’t have time to dedicate to researching sustainable or give-back goods. It became evident how critical confidence and assurance in a company influenced purchasing power. Through the platform, consumers can make informed, empowered purchases that make an impact in simple everyday solutions. Small businesses can get listed on the website through an application and onboarding process for free. For more information visit: https://heysocialgood.com/

About Dr. Cindy J. Lin: Dr. Lin is the Co-Founder and CEO of HOVE Social Good Intelligence, a Social Good lifestyle and technology company, “hovering” to connect people with purpose and impactful data. She is an avid ecologist & environmental scientist. She had worked at the US EPA turning laws into environmental protection actions. Now, she is determined to show how people’s actions can improve communities and our planet.