How to Convince Your Boss to Pay for Your Coworking Membership

As we continue living with Covid-19 and many business’ physical locations remain closed to their employees, remote working has become the new norm. While the idea of “working from home” may have started off as a welcome respite from long commutes, pick-ups, drop-offs, and the weekly 9-5 grind, it has become increasingly clear over the past few months that actually getting work done while working from home is a struggle. In fact, recent studies show that a majority of now-remote employees are spending more hours working from home than when they were going into the office to work. 

Hera Hub Founder Felena Hanson discusses this with Alisha Wilkins, Ph.D, Hera Hub Temecula Owner and expert at engaging remote workforces.

Enter: your local coworking space. Lacking the spouse, children, laundry, mess, and other distractions that often get in the way of working at home, your local coworking space is a place where you can’t help but get work done. With coffee on hand, reliable internet, and a quiet, productive workspace, coworking spaces can offer a sanctuary for virtual workers who face challenges working from home.

Many of our members have been working remotely from their local Hera Hub for years, with their employers paying for their monthly memberships. How does one go about convincing his or her boss to pay for a coworking space? Here are some talking points we have gathered from our virtual employee members:

No distractions = Get more done in less time

As alluded above, working out of a coworking space is more than just shared office space; it provides a break from your daily routine and an opportunity to work out of the house, both of which can be key to maintaining your sanity and increasing your productivity. In fact, Hera Hub members state that they are on average 60% more productive working from Hera Hub than working from home. This is all the more true for those who are on frequent virtual meetings or Zoom calls; the quiet background and lack of interruptions in a coworking space makes a huge difference in both the quality of your call and your ability to focus.


Coworking spaces also provide an invaluable diversity of experiences and perspectives from other members.

Water cooler conversations that are now nonexistent when we work from home can once again occur (socially distanced, of course), thereby promoting your innovation, creativity and morale. Hera Hub also offers extensive virtual events and programming for businesses in such areas as marketing, finances, human resources, and expansion – all of which are included in your membership.

Ability to have in-person meetings in a professional environment

Even in this new virtual environment, in-person meetings are sometimes necessary to get the job done and can be the “special sauce” needed to close a deal. If you need to meet with team members or clients face-to-face, coworking spaces provide the professional meeting environment that simply does not exist at home. At Hera Hub, we follow all CDC guidelines for cleaning, mask wearing, and social distancing in both our coworking spaces and our meeting and conference rooms so you can confidently and safely conduct in-person meetings.

Increased corporate presence

Another key talking point if your coworking space provides mail handling services is that the shared workspace can be used to expand your company’s presence in your location. Hera Hub, for instance, allows member companies to list our physical address as their business address on their website and other communications. The company can now claim that it has an additional office or location with a foothold in Southern California. This has the effect of making the business look larger to potential clients. Hera Hub has even had member-companies use our memberships to test out new locations and expand into new locations.

Potential cost savings

Finally, don’t forget that a coworking membership can actually be a cost savings for your employer. Not only can a shared office space increase your motivation and productivity (which is priceless), but it also negates the need for additional employer-covered costs associated with working from home. Some examples include reliable, high-speed internet, and desks, monitors, and other office furniture. Of course if your company is transitioning out of a physical office space to an all-remote setup, the savings in investing in employee coworking plans versus a commercial real estate lease and associated costs is monumental.

If you are interested in having your employer pay for your coworking membership and need additional resources or support from Hera Hub, please reach out to us at