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12 01, 2018

Sue Baggott – Why ‘Hands-on’ is the Most Important Skill to Make Principles Stick

Sue Baggott is the President of Power Within Consulting LLC, an insights-based strategy and innovation firm, which she founded in 2014. Early in her career, Sue spent 18 years in Global R&D at Procter & [...]

12 12, 2017

Gioia Messinger – Coachability and Tenacity – Traits of every Entrepreneur Needs

Gioia Messinger is a serial high-tech entrepreneur, founder, and CEO of Linked Object, a technology and business strategy firm specializing in the internet of things. Prior to that she was also the founder of Avaak/VueZone [...]

24 10, 2017

Vicki Saunders – How Radical Generosity Can Open a Greater Path for a Better World

Vicki Saunders is the founder of SheEO and #RadicalGenerosity, a global initiative to radically transform how we support finance and how we celebrate female entrepreneurs. SheEO provides a platform in which generous women Activators act [...]

3 10, 2017

Andrea Guendelman – How to Leverage Connections for Startup Funding

Andrea Guendelman is the CEO and co-founder of BeVisible Latinx, a professional career community that connects US millennial Latinas searching for careers. Andrea is an advocate of promoting Latina education and entrepreneurship through her nonprofit [...]