3 Ways Women Can Turn Fear of Failure into Fearless Action

Given the fact that women are taking the entrepreneurial plunge at twice the rate of men, why are most of them struggling to scale? Are they afraid of the risks associated? Is it out outright fear failure?

For many women, the idea of being responsible for both their own livelihood as well as that of others can be daunting. And most of the time it takes employees to be able to scale a business over the million-dollar mark.

Felena Hanson believes that girls are raised and from a very young age, they are taught to not ruffle feathers and live in harmony with others. To be nice. This can lead to girls developing the habit of people pleasing very early on. Later on in life, this shows up as women constantly striving for perfection, which ends up holding them back in their entrepreneurial pursuits.

In a recent article in Beyond Magazine, Felena shares 3 Ways Women Can Turn their Fear of Failure into Fearless Action. 

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“True fearlessness is not the absence of fear but rather the embracing of fear and harnessing it with grace, grit and love.” Vanessa Elle Wilde

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