Who is Felena Hanson? We’re so glad you asked! 2017 is off to a great start. We have two great events coming up, a Business Launch Bootcamp and TED Talk Workshop, and we know some of the attendees will be non Hera Hub members who aren’t familiar with Felena or her story. From her early entrepreneur days to how she came up with the Hera Hub concept, her journey is pretty incredible and best told in her own words. Watch below for an in-depth, one-on-one interview with Renee VanHeel, host of Women Mean Business.

If you’d like to read Felena’s book, Flight Club, it’s available on Amazon. Click through to watch Felena give her own TED Talk. Other ways to connect with Felena:

Twitter: @FelenaHanson
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/felenahanson

Photo credit: Helena Raju