Stop Apologizing - Cutting out the word

Ladies, let’s stop apologizing! Saying sorry, when no offense or error made is a habit many struggle with. This particularly true for women. It seems that women have the tendency and may even be even culturally trained to apologize or ask permission for things that are completely unnecessary.

In some cases, it goes as far as some women having the complete¬†inability to acknowledge or recognize even their own, often quite impressive accomplishments. Let’s stop undermining ourselves and our accomplishments and practice using “sorry” the way it was intended.

In this video Felena Hanson and Vanessa Elle discuss what using the word “sorry” really means and how to cut the habit.

This is part 2 of 3 in our Power of Speech Mini-Series, where we will be chatting about different elements of speech and the power it can have in our life.

If you missed Part One of the series, Avoid “Upspeaking” and Protect Your Credibility, you can read that here.

When you choose to unnecessarily use the word “sorry” you simultaneously communicate you are doing something that is an inconvenience. One tip to practice eliminating the word “sorry” from your vocabulary and begin to give yourself permission to own your actions, is to choose a replacement word.

Each time you catch yourself about to apologize or say sorry for something you don’t need to be apologizing for, have your replacement word ready to go. Perhaps it’s a more empowering word or a simple placeholder one.

Remember, speech is powerful and when we are given the opportunity we much choose the words we use with intention and verify it communicates what we actually mean.

Watch the video below to hear Felena Hanson and Vanessa Elle chat about cutting out the word “sorry”.