Meet Small Business Banking GURU, Jennifer Dossantos

Many small business owners go into banking without a business advocate within their banking system. Understanding what’s on your statement, credit and your businesses sales cycle can be challenging if done without support. Luther Burbank supports small business owners who no longer want to feel like a transaction. Helping business owners to better understand credit and financial literacy. There are so many times when business owners need credit, but lack tools and resources. We also help by educating how and when to use debt wisely. View Jennifer’s GURU hours. 

Getting to Know Jennifer Dossantos

Jennifer Doss studied international business at San Jose State. Her minor and desire to understand culture and business brought her to the world of banking. She’s a mom of two and is also learning how to code in her free time.  In the late 90s and early 2000’s, Jennifer learned her steps for banking at Wells Fargo and then transitioned to entrepreneurial banking at Silicon Valley Banking.  After transitioning to San Diego, Jennifer found herself at Santa Rosa founded bank, Luther Burbank. Luther Burbank’s mission: “To improve your financial future — whether you are a customer, employee or shareholder. You’re worth more here.

Choosing a Bank

A lot of small business owners want to choose a big national bank, where ATM access is quick and easy. But the banking system has shifted over the years. Banking is moving towards a more virtual approach. Jennifer shares what to look for and understand when choosing a bank.