How to Negotiate with Confidence with Andrea Schneider

Just a few weeks ago, Felena Hanson sat down with Hera Hub Sorrento Valley member and Criminal Defense Attorney, Andrea Schneider, to chat about negotiation. From vendors to independent contractors, many small business owners will find themselves in situations where having the skills and confidence to negotiate well are crucial. Here are a few useful tips on how women can approach negotiation with confidence.

Be Prepared.

Before you step into a negotiation, be sure to do your due diligence and do your homework. If you’re negotiating a contract with a vendor, before you start negotiating, be sure to research what other vendors are offering so you can be sure your requests are competitive.

In addition to doing that competitor research, know where you are willing to sell and what your dealbreakers are. Having the answers to these questions before you step into this type of conversation will give you much-needed clarity.

Take some time to practice.

Depending on who your audience is, you may consider practicing what you will say. If you’re going to be negotiating with a man, find a good friend and ask him if you can practice. This practice will not only make you better prepared, but you could uncover things from another perspective that you would not have otherwise considered had you not.

Don’t take it personally.

A lot of women are in service-based businesses where they are what they are trying to sell to potential clients. Even though you are providing the service, remove yourself from the scenario and if it helps, even pretend like you are negotiating on behalf of someone else. Doing this will help you take a more objective approach and keep you from taking any responses personally.

Watch the full video here.


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