Just like most categories, market research has undergone many shift as a result of the pandemic.  But as long as business decisions continue to be made, the need for using market research to make informed decisions persists.  Although in-person research, like focus groups, is still happening in very controlled ways that are compliant with CDC guidelines, a shift to conducting online qualitative research has stepped into the forefront.  From live webcam interviews to asynchronous online bulletin boards, research can easily happen virtually.

Natalia Tafur, Founder and Chief Researcher of Keyhole Research & Consulting, hails from an automotive research background.  She recently teamed up with a fellow auto researcher to develop a new online research tool with the automotive industry in mind by borrowing a popular idea from the real estate industry.  This new interactive research tool uses the technology used in virtual home tours and applies it to evaluating the exterior and interior of vehicles.  Better yet, this platform can be applied to much more than just cars.  While there’s no perfect substitute to doing things in person, this approach can achieve about 80% of the insights as an in-person approach, while resulting in cost savings of 50% or more!

Link to website: www.keyholeresearch.com
Link to bio: https://www.keyholeresearch.com/summary
Teaser Video about new research tool: https://youtu.be/lF1i0K6_eOc